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    • CommentAuthorKLight
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2019
    I'm getting there, lol. Finally can get it to print more than one page at a time. First one was a two sheets for a small room in a dungeon. Now I've got another room that should be about 8 pages.. but it seems like it's taking forever and bogging down and won't print. This may seem like a really stupid question, but my printer is connected wirelessly. Should I get a wired connection to make it easier?
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2020
    Printing do take some time, because CC3+ needs to render the image first, printing do require a much higher quality render than what is needed to show the image on screen.
    If the wireless connection for the printer is really old and slow, getting a wired might help, but if it is up to somewhat modern standards, I doubt it will make a difference.

    The best way to find out where the slowness is is to print to a PDF file instead of a printer though, as this completely eliminates the printer from the calculation, and you can just send the pdf file on to the printer if you are happy with the print.