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    I made a map with a river running through it, I also made a dock over the river but I am having trouble with it. I make the dock already but when I try to place a building on the dock it disappears. I also keep getting that stupid microsoft windows error that kicks you out of the program now that I placed a building on the dock. Is there a way to bring the building on top of the dock or did i mess up and everything goes under the dock. I know that the things are being placed but when i redraw the map it erases the building I just placed. Thanks a lot
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2009
    This is due to the sheet ordering. You've drawn the dock on a sheet that is later in the drawing order than the SYMBOL sheet where all the houses are placed by default. When redrawing, CC3 draws the sheets in order, so objects on sheets later in the drawing order is drawn on top of objects on earlier sheets.
    You can use the Info -> List command on the dock to figure out what sheet it is on. Then, If you click the "Sheets and Effects" button in the left toolbars, you can see the order of the sheets. Sheets are drawn in the order listed here, so sheets further down in the list are drawn on top of those above.
    Best procedure here is probably to make a new sheet for the dock, and place it right above the symbols sheet in the list. Then use "Change Properties" on the dock, and place it on the new sheet you created. Redraw.