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    • CommentAuthorTHOTH13
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2019
    Can anyone help me understand the steps that I need to take a satellite image map from Google maps into CC3? I have a project I am working on that involves taking the existing area I am in and revamping it into a fantasy map, and if I don't have to build from scratch would be the optimal. Please Help
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2019
    To get the image into CC3+, all you have to do is to use Draw --> Insert file in CC3+ (I assume you have already saved the google maps view to an image file). I recommend putting the image on a dedicated sheet which you can move up/down in the order and hide as necessary.

    There isn't any good way to convert this to a proper CC3+ format though, you'll still need to do all the drawing work yourself, but by keeping the image in CC3+ while you work, it is easier to trace features and getting things right.

    For simpler images, you could use automatic tracing to convert things to CC3+ entities, but a satellite map is too busy and full of details, that I doubt that will work really well. In any case, this is primarily used to get the landmasses imported correctly, not all the details on the map.