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    I am attempting to create forests and would like to use the fill with symbols tool to do it and save myself a lot of clicking. I am using the Jon Roberts overland annual style. Generally, when I place individual trees, I set the x,y to .5 for this map. I have set the default scale to .5 in the drawing properties. In the fill with Symbols I set unit size to x: .5 y: .5. At first I just tried using the 3 trees that come with the set but the fill looked too uniform. I noted that in the Mike Schley set he had somemore fill symbols with various amounts of trees. So I created a few pngs of these in random sizes using the Jon Roberts set. I then entered all those into the Fill with Symbol tool and the CX/CY for them as well as the single trees. The result was an over flooded amount of symbols in the poly area. Playing around some more I doubled the numbers in the CX/CY and this resulted in a better look though they symbols are about half the size of what they are when I place them normally.

    I really could use some help figuring this all out. I have read through the Command of The Week on the tool already but I need a bit more help. Thanks!
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2019
    The CX/CY, as well as unit size settings in that dialog only control the spacing of the symbols, it doesn't have anything to do with scale/size. The symbols drawn using this command are always placed using the Default Scale setting in the drawing properties, it ignores whatever the current scale you use to place symbols manually are.