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    • CommentAuthorFarsightX3
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2019 edited
    I am building maps into 4 quadrants and each quadrant is a Kingdom. This is a concept piece for my mmorpg. These maps focus on zones, rather than an overland intent. I was hoping to achieve a blend of realism and fantasy.

    This is Quadrant 1 - The Kingdom of Malderook.

    *Legend of each Text*

    Orange = Starting village
    Blue = Friendly villages/castles
    White = Wilderness Zones
    Yellow = Dungeons
    Green = Raid Campaigns
    Purple = World Wonder
    Lite Red = Mountains/Seas

    *Playable Races in the quadrant that start in Gibbon*

    Rooknai Humans
    Crypt Elves (Undead elves with grey to black ash skin)

    *Playable Race that starts in Doldernast*
    Korelon - Arcanist human (think Darth Maul)

    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2019
    Very nice.
    I enjoy your attention to detail, but note that it can be also be a bit of a weakness that you have to zoom in to actually notice a lot of it. Once you do, there are lots of small interesting places all over the map.

    How's thing going along with your MMORPG?
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2019
    Some nice inventive use of symbols there :)

    This is only a tentative suggestion, but if you should ever want to improve the visibility of the features you might consider adding a Hue/Saturation Lightness sheet effect to the land and make it either lighter or darker. That would make the symbols stand out a lot more.
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2019
    It's great to see that you are still mapping Faresight. As always I enjoy seeing your work and love the names you use for the regions. You are so creative!
    • CommentAuthorFarsightX3
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2019
    Thank you everyone for your comments!

    @Monsen - Curious, what are a few interesting places on the map that catch your eye? As for my mmorpg, it's always been a creative outlet/side project. I decided to revamp the world once again. I feel like the zones are more fluid now. I revamped the map to reflect a mmorpg expansion issue that keeps on happening. Typically, in mmorpg expansions the original gameworld becomes abandoned to new continents and different planes/realms. This creates a massive issue where old content is irrelevant. If you play World of Warcraft, they're bad at this. My goal with this quadrant system is to showcase a massive world with three specific starting areas for 3-4 races. On their travels there may be some locked zones players can't travel too which would be expansion zones in the future. This way it would make traveling to the old content more relevant during expansions.

    @Loopysue - I'll mess with that to see. I really enjoy the darker slate color palette. I still think the pine tree symbols from the original CC3 are the best tree symbols around. So I might consider that. Thanks!

    @Shessar - Always a pleasure to see you! I try to be has creative as I can as the symbols are limited in what you can do for different variations. What are some of your favorite region names?
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2019
    Well, you have Ghontos Hold, with some exiting looking caves, Extal looks like an interesting area, and the Iron Key Ridge looks like a nice place to go adventuring to name a few.
    • CommentAuthorFarsightX3
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2019
    Thanks Monsen for showing the places of interest for you :)