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    • CommentAuthorAnoril
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2019

    An issue already seen many times, but I go wih it again :)

    I have a very old version of CSUAC stuff that lies on my harddrive but I can't get it working with CC3+.

    I tried to update all the stuff, with a "v2" seen on Vintyri Project page, but the link to the ressource is dead.
    I found on the forum a new (old, actually) menu archive that helps with folder structures and symbols and fills.

    Now, I have a CC3+ with a tool bar displaying many icons and a lot of promising names, but when I click on one of them, I just have symbol pack with big red X everywhere.

    Do the files changed in the name or the folder name?

    For instance, camels symbols in Animals/Camels do not show with artworks placed in those folders:
    - [ProgramData]\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\CSUAC\BL4_CC3_Animals\Camels\*
    - [ProgramData]\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\CSUAC\BL4_CC3_Animals\Art Files\Camels\*
    - [ProgramData]\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\CSUAC\CC3_CSUAC_Animals\Camels\*
    - [ProgramData]\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\CSUAC\CC3_CSUAC_Animals\Art Files\Camels\*

    Am I missing a thing?

    Best regards, and thanks for your help.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2019 edited
    Seems like the Vintyri guys moved things around a bit on the webserver. The new landing page for all their CC3+ is here, from where you should be able to access working download links of everything.

    I don't recommend trying to work with the old stuff, using that is just going to give you problems in the future with reinstall and such as you basically commit to that stuff, but the correct path for the camel files should be:
    @Symbols\CSUAC\BL4_CC3_Animals\Art Files\Camel\
    • CommentAuthorAnoril
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2019
    OK, many thanks Monsen!

    I found all the files! <3