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    • CommentAuthordelugeia
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2019
    In this day and age, why in the lord would you have people entering HTML by hand?

    Simple tools like TinyMCE or CKEditor would make it so much easier to use this forum.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2019
    That's just the way it is, delugeia :)
    Hand coding HTML allows you control the display absolutely. I usually compose my posts here offline in my Notepad++ text editor with the default language set to HTML. I also use an older ASCII editor (TSE Pro v4.4) for more complex work because I've written a lot of custom macros for it. Adding a WYSIWYG interface here at this point could cause all sorts of problems when editing older posts.
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2019
    I did html by hand around 10 years ago. For a Drive-in movie theater web site of over 3,000 html pages.

    Once you get a page set up for one location, you just save as the other locations making editing changes for each location. Try it on my home computer before uploading, upload, all done.

    Actually, I think it was more like 5,000 html pages.

    These days I use textpattern.