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    I am tracing a map from a PNG file and I'm finding that the cursor is 'snapping' to points I don't want it to! I don't have the Snap turned on, but could it be affected by the background PNG pixel settings? Is there some other setting that I should adjust?

    If it is snapping to pixels, and there isn't a setting to remove this (annoying) feature, would scanning the map at a higher resolution help? (I don't particularly need greater detail and the scan is reasonably large already)

    A confused

    Bill Howard
    How do you trace ? You cannot use the T-Trace option on a bitmap.

    Is Attach mode off ?
    (1) I am tracing by drawing paths over the lines on the PNG drawing by hand not using any automatic features.
    (2) Attach mode is off

    The end result is that I can't produce reasonable curves as the lines keep snapping in ways I don't want them to.

    I've seen CC do some odd things when I was really zoomed in, or really zoomed out -- where the distance command across the screen showed ".(lots of zeroes)a number" or "a number with lots of digits." This is an unlikely scenario, but maybe you're hitting it.

    The way to test would be to look at the cursor position at a couple of points on the screen, if the numbers look like those above, zoom out or in a few times and try the trace again. If this is the problem, you should rescan so that you don't need to zoom in or out so much.

    Thanks for the comments. I found out what the issue was! Somehow the drawing origin was well away from 0,0 and I guess (?) that CC3 only has a limited number of digits to store each point. So each time I placed a point it would round the value.

    Thanks for the replies, they set me on the right track!

    Bill H
    Ah, a variant of the "zoomed way back" problem. I'm glad we could at least point you in the right direction.
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2009
    Oh, it's been a while since I've seen that problem. But yes, if you're WAY out from from 0,0, coordinate values will become so large that CC3 has problems with rounding. Simply use Move Origin to get your 0,0 closer to your work area.