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    • CommentAuthorClee-Hill
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2009
    Is there any easy ways that I can make Star Trek saucer section like deckplans in Cosmographer? I've a few ideas for some ships I want to try, but are there any tools to easily help me define rooms with circular walls, etc.?

    TIA - CH
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2009
    Do you have DD3? If yes, you can switch to the dungeon interface and use the Room tools to draw a circular room with your Sci-Fi fills.

    If not there's a few other ways to do it:

    - Use the basic drawing command like circle to draw the outline of your room.
    - Then either use "Change like drawing tool" (right-click Change Properties) to make the circle into a room.
    - Or use the room drawing tools and trace (e.g. using Attach mode) your outline to get the room you want.

    Hope that helps, Ralf