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    • CommentAuthorlenworth
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2019
    I have installed CC3 and some additional Pro Fantasy and Vintyri resources. I did the following:

    Installed CC3+ - set data folder to my chosen location

    Vintryi files
    Downloaded and extracted the Vintyri zip symbol folders to my data folder
    Installed vccsetup.exe to to my data folder

    DD3 and CD3 files
    Installed DD3SetupForDD3Plus
    Installed ShessarsFireplaces_CC3Plus
    Installed CD3SetupForCC3Plus
    Installed RandomCity_CC3Plus

    Symbol sets 2 and 4
    Installed SS2SetupForCC3Plus
    Installed SS4SetupForCC3Plus
    Installed SS4ForlornCottage

    Vintyri additional resources
    Installed csuac_2_setup

    Installed latest CC3PlusUpdate21 (update to version 3.90)
    ran menu_recovery.bat and VPToolbarFix.bat from CC3Plus folder

    When I use CC3+/DD3 and add a wall or a floor some of the textures are blank white textures -
    CD3 Bitmap Digital
    Dungeon SS2A
    Dungeon SS2B
    SS4 Dungeons of Schley
    SS4 Dungeons of Schley Inks
    SS4 Folorn Cottage

    I have tried reinstalling SS2 and SS4 but it did not make any difference.
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2019
    Have you imported the relevant fills into the template you are using? Remember that templates only contain references to the fills beloning to the appropriate style by default, if you wish to use drawing tools from other styles in your template, you'll also have to import the fills from that style first.
    • CommentAuthorlenworth
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2019
    I'm new to this so could you please tell me how to import fills from a style.
    • CommentTimeAug 13th 2019
    Easiest way to import fills from a certain style is to import a map already containing these fills.

    For example, if you have a map in the standard DD3 style, and you also want to use fills from the SS4 Dungeons of Schley style, all you have to do is to use Draw --> Insert File, and then pick a map in that style to insert. Note that you don't have to actually insert the file you picked into the map, once you have picked the file and clicked Open in the Insert File dialog and you have the file at your cursor ready to place, you can just hit Esc to end the command, the fills will already have been copied tot he map at this point.

    If you don't have a map in the appropriate style ready, just make a new one.

    You can also import bitmap fills by using Tools --> Import Bitmap fill style.