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    Probably on the forum already is so link and close this.

    Seeing as how this is a 32 bit program is there any other steps I can do to increase the memory usage for this?
    When I go to export error pops up saying not enough memory
    If there are no other options to increase memory usage for this what is the max export resolution I can use? I was trying to export a large world map set to 10000 x 10000 with Antialias set to 75%
    I currently have 32 gb of ram so the memory it's self shouldn't be the issue or if it is again max settings i can use

    system specs
    32gb 3200 ram
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2019
    I recommend reducing antialias significantly. To compute antialias, an export significantly larger than the requested will need to be made, with 10000x10000 at 75% antialias, you are actually asking CC3+ to export about 22700x22700.

    I would recommend trying for an export at about 12000x12000 after antialias has been calculated in (you should see this in the export settings dialog, labeled work area)
    • CommentAuthortaustinoc
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2019
    You might take a look at the 2017 annual. The September installment is "large exports." It can take a long time for very large images, but it does work.
    The annual tasustinoc is good. There is also a post on the forums here with the info but its not consolidated etc. About half way through this post if where the info starts showing up;