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    Well unfortunately WizKids is defunct so I do not know how much longer their interactive map will remain active on the website. I wanted to recreate it in CC3 just in case anything happened to the site, as I have not found a downloadable map.

    Here on my site is a quick step by step of what I've been doing. I will also make the map in other styles as well.
      CC3 Conversion 1.jpg
    Here is where I'm at right now. I still need to put in the borders yet and finish labelling.
      Mage Knight World 6 Structures.JPG
    Well I got it finished. Does not look too bad. I'm going to make it available in the Sarah Wroot and Pete Fenlon style as well. Recreating the map was easy, not challenging or satisfying my artistic side. However it is nice practice.
      Mage Knight World small.jpg
    I've also started it in the Overland Black and White style as well.
      Mage Knight BW4.JPG
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2009
    Quite nice.
    Tell me, how much work is it to recreate a map in another style once you've mapped it once? I was wondering of making multiple versions of some of my maps.
    It does not really take that much time. I start from scratch each time.

    I will never use this map personally, but I have friends that still play and the idea of loosing any type of map sickens me.
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2009
    Cool stuff! Is the original map drawn by Pete Fenlon? That looks totally like his style.
    Yeah I was just looking at that. The Structure symbols are the same, with the little flags on top and everything. I just started the map over in Pete Fenlon style. I will post the results when I'm done.

    Good eye by the way!!