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    • CommentAuthorWESeib
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2019
    I am having issues with the installation, or I am a moron, or a combination of both. I don't know, but I am very frustrated at this point.
    I have reinstalled Token Treasury.

    When I go to Monsters with Frames, Monsters with No Frames, or Frames only, I get the following:

    A window that says "Select Catalog Settings"
    Then a space that says, "Available Symbol Catalogs"
    And Nothing in there.

    For all of them.

    It is like it has no idea where to located any of the graphics.

    When I uninstalled and reinstalled, it found them correctly... for a little while.
    As soon as I worked in anything other than Token Treasury, it all went away with no idea where any of it was again.

    What the hell am I doing wrong?
    • CommentAuthorWESeib
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2019
    Nevermind, it apparently corrected itself. It is working as expected now.
    Although, to be honest, I have no idea why. As a programmer, that is just as worrisome.
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2019
    It is the catalog settings filters. Those buttons aren't hard-coded for particular catalogs, but rather open catalogs based on the current catalog settings filters. These should normally be set correctly when you open a map of the appropriate type (a token treasury map) (unless you have played with the OnOpenMacro). But there are multiple things that can load other filter sets instead, such as sometimes when you switch add-ons. If this happens, you must load the correct symbol catalog filters manually to get the buttons to load the appropriate catalogs.