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    I decided to go through and test each and every - single - one - of the thousands and thousands of images that come with ProFantasy. I know - I'm crazy.

    That being the case - in my journeys I have come across one (so far) image that is corrupted. That is the:

    Euro Keep Ruined w vari_01_HI.PNG

    file in the Profantasy->CC3Plus->Symbols->Maps->CC3->Structures folder. Can someone post or send me a good image? Thanks! :-)

    BTW: I first found this out, went to my zip file (I zipped all of my Profantasy program and images just in case) and my backup was bad on this one file, so I went back to the install program. Same there. So I went "hmmmmm...need to report it.".
    Anyway - thanks in advance! :-)
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2019 edited
    Indeed! This will be fixed with the next update. In the meantime, copy the attached version into your CC3+ installation.
      Euro Keep Ruined w vari_01_HI.png
    Thanks! :-)