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    Hi Guys.

    I have one building floor-plan in a fairly large map that I would like to "cut out" and re-save as a separate file. Then, I would like to convert that file to a png with very high quality even when zooming in and I seem to be having a rather tough time with this.

    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Easiest is probably just to copy the entities you need to the clipboard, then paste them into a new map.
    Will those "entities" include the floor and walls of the room/rooms? I think I find the single most frustrating thing about this software is the lack of a simple "mouse" icon that every other program uses as a "selection". type tool. I am certain that ability is in there somewhere it is just very difficult to find things,.
    For instance, to do what you suggest, a normal intuitive software would be: click the cursor icon, then click and drag across everything you want copied. Thats it! Done. Nothing more. With this software I have to figure out which icon to use that will enable the selection of anything within the borders of the click and drag. Then click "do it". Oh,. and WHAT is the name of the folder the token images are stored to? I can't find those ANYWHERE. I would like to add some of them to the roll 20 campaign I am working on. uggh,...
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Which tokens are you talking about, Flyndad?

    (Sorry - I don't name people by numbers :) )
    The easiest way to create a high quality PNG from a section of map is to:

    File >> Save As
    Pull down the option Save as Type: and choose Rectangular section PNG
    Click the Options button and set the resolution you want - you can save this setting.
    Give the file a name
    Select two points on the map to create the rectangular section you want to save.

    For convenience, the image you create will open in your image viewer.

    This is way quicker than creating a separate file and exporting that.
    The way CC3+ works is that you decide what you want to do, then choose what you want to do it to. It takes getting use to, but it's quick when you get used to it.

    If you do want to copy a bunch of stuff to the clipboard you do:
    Pick a window around the entities you want to select, or just click on their edges. As with any Windows software, press CTRL and select to remove entities from your selection. You can further refine your selection by right-clicking, so you can select just the text, or everything but the text.
    Once you've selected what you want, right click and do it.

    So in the simplest instance, it's CTRL-C, click two points, right click, Do It.

    If you'd really prefer to select stuff before deciding what to do with it, select Tools > Options and click Enable Left Button Preselect. There are also options to simplify selection un Select Method.

    The default method is much faster once you are used to it.