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    Hi There,

    I am finally getting some time to play with the various pieces of ProFantasy Software, and have (I think) got the basics sorted.

    I have created a world I like in FT3, and exported it into CC3+ (Latest version). I wanted to add an additional landmass, but when i do that using the Mike Schley style, not land appear - only the sea. I looked at advanced settings and it seems for whatever reason, in this file alone the land_MS file is not available (see screen clipping attached). If i start a new document it works just fine

    There is a second behaviour i need to ask about in Pt 2 (but needed to break it up as needed a second image!)

    Any help appreciated
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2019
    Not all fills are available in every drawing style. There are tons of styles and tons of fills, so fills only appear in maps where they are defined to appear. When you export a map from FT3, it is exported using a standard vector style which do not have the Mike Schley fills available by default.

    The easiest way to get these fills available in the current map is to use File -> Insert and then pick any Schley style map for insertion. After clicking OK in the file picker dialog, and with the map on your cursor ready for insertion, don't place it, just hit Esc. This will copy over all the fill styles without actually inserting the map, and the Schley fills will now be available in that map.
    Hey, Thank you for your help.

    I tried that, and it definitely fixed some of the fills (farmland and scrubland for example) now appear as they should, but not the landmass.

    Although, it has now actually got that fill available in that custom tool properties box, but it still draws the landmass without the actual land bit - just the sea that borders the landmass (and it appears like this in the sample bit too)
    I have found a work around - detailed in the other post i made!