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    Hello, I've got CC3 and recently upgraded to a new PC. At the time I purchased my CC3 I was using a different email. I now need to install but can't find my serial number.
    I've sent an email to tech support with my old and new email address over a week ago and have not gotten any response.
    Also, I've tried to call directly but noone answers (the phone number is not a format I recognize, I'm guessing it's not a US number)?

    Any suggestions?
    • CommentAuthorsdavies2720
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2009 edited
    PF is headquartered in the U.K., which explains the phone number. I fear they may be gone for the weekend, but Ralf is likely to check here on Monday. A week delay is unusual, so you might log another tech support ticket while you wait. Unfortunately, there isn't much we (as users) can do to help.
    Have you registred on the PF site ?
    All you need is your old email and password.
    Your serial numbers should be displayed.
    If you have not registred, I can only recommend it once you have your number back.
    They still have my old CC Dos registry !
    Well when I first tried this I had my serial numbers resent to me. Then I remembered that my email changed since I bought CC so I went in and changed it. Now I'm unable to log in to the account at all. That's what prompted me to send the email to tech support. Guess I will send another one.

    Thanks all,