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    • CommentAuthorTarman70
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2019
    I created a city and started clicking on buildings to create floorplans of them and somehow most of my city is now a hyperlink to one of the buildings and I don't know how to correct this.
    Any help would greatly be appreciated.
    If someone needs to see the file please let me know how to export to upload since that is still something I need to learn also.


    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2019
    If you click Show Hyperlinks in the View menu, the hyperlinks should be visualized as hollow rectangles, and then you can just Erase the offending one(s).
    • CommentAuthorTarman70
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2019
    I so appreciate the assist. I did not even think of doing that.