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    Bear with me, this may take a bit to explain what I'm trying to do.

    As you all know, I've been working diligently to map a world for a 5th ed D&D campaign, to get me used to running the new rules. Pilnderstraad, Voud Califf, and Burggen are all part of that world map. But when my external hard drive quit working, I lost everything… especially the fcw's for the maps I was working on. Now, for Voud Califf, Burggen and Pilnderstraad, losing those fcw's isn't as big of a deal, because those maps were already finished. But I also lost the fcw for the world map that those regional maps were based on.

    However... there maybe a way for me to get back what I lost... at least partially. You see, I have the WIP thread that I created here, and a saved WIP. It's a jpeg, but it's a working copy of the map I was working on. So I saved it to my hard drive.

    I know I can import the image into cc3+, and then just retrace the landmasses, and retrace everything to remake the map up to this point. But I don't remember whether to save the map as a jpeg, btmp, or png.

    Also, there is a video, that shows how to trace over a drawing, to draw a map, or map extension. I can't remember who did it, or how to find the video. Any thoughts?
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2019
    CONTOURSM is the command you need to trace the outline, but you need to prepare the image file first. There has to be clean sharp transparency, which means a PNG file

    So convert the image to PNG, then cleanly erase the ocean, then import into the CC3 map and run CONTOURSM.

    Remy did a bit on the command in one of his blogs:
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2019
    CONTOURSM is also documented on the most recent Tome update.

    The trace video you are thinking of is probably Dogtag's video.

    Typing html tags on a cellphone is a pain :(
    I found the one I was looking for :) Thanks everyone