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    I've been looking at the Annuals and wondered if you can mix the Mercator Historical map style with the Modern Political mapping style.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeApr 14th 2019
    Theoretically you can mix any style with any other :)

    As to how you go about it - that all depends on what exactly you want to do. By that I mean what elements of which style to you want to use?
    I'd like to do some science fiction themed maps, I love the dual mercator style map but the theme for the actual land masses isn't "technical" enough for my taste. I like the political style/modern maps more for sci-fi.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2019 edited
    You can import fills and symbols from any style into any map, and copy and paste polygons from any map into any other map, so its really a matter of which set of drawing tools you want to use. Decide which style has the best drawing tools for what you want to do, then make a new blank map of identical size in both styles and create what you need to create in the style you won't be using very much of, then strip out anything you don't want in the chosen blank map and copy and paste your work into the map of your preferred style so you can carry on with the drawing tools and fills you need to finish it.

    You can open both maps at the same time by double clicking the second map's icon.

    Copy is under the Edit menu. When you use copy you must hide all the sheets you don't want to copy (like frame and border - unless you want the whole set), unfreeze any layers that are frozen, and then pick Copy from the Edit menu and select the entire map. Right click, pick do it, and watch the command line for a prompt asking for the copy origin. Type zero comma zero (0,0) on your keyboard and press Enter. When the pink highlighting disappears it has copied to your pasteboard. Go to the chosen map and pick Paste from the Edit menu, then when prompted at the command line for a past origin type 0,0 and enter again. Once it is pasted right click the mouse anywhere you like to get rid of the already pasted map from your cursor so you don't go and paste it a second time by mistake.

    Copying will transfer all the visible elements, but it also very conveniently transfers all the sheets from the source map, and all the textures as well, so you won't have to import or create anything new or all over again. What it doesn't do is transfer all the sheet effects, so you may need to keep both maps open for a bit longer while you copy and past them from sheet to sheet if you want to keep them.