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    I've already started on the 'dungeon' for my city. There is a mausoleum in the very back of Sacred Stars Cathedral graveyard. It's the Warden's Mausoleum... every Warden that has lost his/her life in the service of Voud Califf is buried here. But something is disturbing the dead... and it will be up to the players to discover what it is. As a matter of fact, this is the last quest they will do before they are eligible to hire on as an indentured slave merc company. This is the final quest that will grant them their freedom from Pilnderstraad.

    There are 3 'levels' to this dungeon, the above ground, and two underground.... although the last underground may go further underground, but it will all be done on the same map. So this is the above ground floor.
      Mosoleum Crypt (Voud Califf)_Floor 1.2.JPG
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2019
    Nice, simple, straightforward battlemap :)

    (you might want to adjust that copyright message so its not hidden under the hyperlink boxes)
    yup, noticed that after the fact. I will, don't worry :)

    Of course I just started this, so there isn't much to it right now. I'm also going to do a battle map of the cemetery itself, once I finish this dungeon. It's not going to be a big one, so it shouldn't take me more than a couple of weeks.
    I'm still working on the first floor of my crypt dungeon, and this map would go in the atlas as well, since it goes with my Voud Califf map. I have most of the first floor done, as I stated before, there isn't much to it... but I have run into a couple of snags, I'm trying to work out.

    The first issue I'm having, is the pillars. This is the Warden Mausoleum, every warden that has lost his/her life in service to Pilnderstraad, is buried, or cremated here. So this mausoleum is a little fancier than the others. Now as you can see, the mausoleum itself, is being done in shades of gray. A grayish marble floor, gray granite walls, the tombs are done in varying shades of gray stone... but the pillars are gold. I want the pillars, but not the gold. I was trying to adjust their hue and saturation, but nothing is happening... so I'm hoping someone can tell me how to bleed out the color of those pillars.

    Second issue. The pillars obviously go from floor to ceiling. This mausoleum has stained glass windows, that let in light. But one of the pillars is near the top left window. The light pool from that window covers and goes over the pillar, but that shouldn't be. The pillar should block that pool of light. Is there anyway to have the pillar block that light pool?

    Last issue. Point of light directional, and point of light finalize... I've never quite understood how to use it, even after reading the tome. Any suggestions there?
      Mosoleum Crypt (Voud Califf)_Floor 1.3.JPG
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2019
    Wow - I want to be laid to rest there - in 100 years time, of course.
    to be laid to rest here, you have to be a Warden of Voud Califf, sorry. :)
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2019
    You can use the sheet ordering to ensure the pillar ends up on top of the light from the window, and not the other way around. But since that light is just a symbol, and not actual light, there is no way for it to "block" it, so the light would still appear on the floor behind the pillar.

    The Point of Light effects are a bit more complex, because they are multi-sheet effects. Basically, you set up the Point of Light Setup effect on the first sheet that will cast shadows. All sheets below this sheet in the drawing order will be in complete darkness unless they are being lighted by a a light placed in the drawing, that is not being blocked by an entity on a sheet with the Point of Light Setup effect on it. The Point of Light Finalize effect is used on the last sheet that contains shadows, and is used to configure the color of the shadows. Any sheets after this in the drawing order will simply ignore the shadows alltogether.
    See the attached drawing for a simple example with a single light source, and three sheets casting shadows.
    okay, seeing the fcw helps it make more sense. Just one question. Do you need the separate sheet for lights? Is that what the point of light set up goes off of, where the lights are placed?

    That must be what I've been missing. I never set up a separate sheet for the lights... I always put them on the walls, so I use the symbols wall sheet. Does it work for any symbol that could produce light? Say like a fireplace? Or candle?
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2019
    No, you don't, but I like to keep my light symbols on a dedicated sheet. This is because if the symbol itself is on a sheet that is part of the shadow setup, a symbol can actually block it's own light.

    The symbol you use don't matter at all, you will in any case need to put a light in it. (Except if you use the symbols from the Lighted Dungeons annual which came with lights already embedded in them). Note that the light itself don't need to be on the same sheet as the symbol.
    I've finished the ground floor of this mausoleum, and I'm moving onto the first level below it. This area is a little bigger, and a lot trickier to map, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pull it off. In fact, without using Perspectives, I don't know if I can, but I'm going to try.

    This floor in the crypt has rooms of urns, and coffins, recessed into the walls. What I may have to do, is urns on pedestals, or pillars. Hmmmm, need to think about it. But here, is the completed ground floor.
      Mosoleum Crypt (Voud Califf)_Floor 1.f.JPG
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    Looks fantastic - could easily picnic here :D
    Just remember Quenten, looks can be deceiving!

    Well, I've started working on the first 'basement' level, and I'm trying something a little different. I don't know if I will be able to pull it off, but we'll see!

    You may notice that I seem to have a lot of walls going in different directions, some are closed rooms, some aren't, and some of these 'rooms' aren't complete. That's because, if I manage to pull this off, it's going to look(hopefully) as if this area was cut into the ground... meaning that those outer walls, are going to be the rough rock walls that this area was cut out of. We'll see how it works. But here is my progress so far:
      Mosoleum Crypt (Voud Califf)_Basement 1.3.JPG
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    Its certainly an interesting start :)
    I'm continuing my work on this. I've started laying out the first basement, deciding where my crypts are going to be, and where my cremated urns will be. I've also lowered the scale on my floor in this level, I realized the scale I had before was too big. So here is my update.
      Mosoleum Crypt (Voud Califf)_Basement 1.4.JPG