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    I want to insert a file so that I can add it to an existing CC3 map. How do I do this? I cannot figure out how to get my file in the correct location so that CC3 remembers the path. Loopy Sue if your out there, please help.
    You should create a folder for CC3+ insertable files. A good place to put it would be ProgramData>Profantasy>CC3Plus>Bitmaps. Somewhere in there would be good so that the software can recognize the path and remember it.
    Where should I put this insertable file? In C-Drive-Profantasy-CC3? Or should the path be different? Sorry, I am terrible at understanding these things.

    I placed a insertable file folder under C-Drive Profantasy CC3 and then cut and pasted my map to that folder. When I go to insert it, CC3 does not show the map. It should be a PNG file I made for the insertable map. Confused
    Yes... put it in the folder I specified. Go into the CC3 folder. Once you are there, there should be a sub-folder called "Bitmaps." Put the file inside of there, and you should be good to go.
    Once I have the folder in place, the PNG file I simply cut and paste to put it in the folder right?

    When I get to the Profantasy CC3 and try to create a folder, it tells me I do not have Permission. The computer then offers to save the map under pictures.
    Thank you I got the file the way I needed it.
    I am able to make a folder easily... make sure that you're in the bitmaps folder FIRST. Yes, you can either copy and paste the file, or just move it from its original location into the new folder.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2019
    Its best if its somewhere in the CC3 folder - whichever drive you originally installed your software if you have more than one drive. Otherwise you may end up with CC3 looking for something with a link that is too long (over 28 characters, I think) for CC3 to be able to get to it - as Remy explained on your other thread.

    Once the image is in the right place, when you are inserting it are you following the instructions in the command line? Its not just a case of clicking the Insert file option on the Draw menu and then doing nothing more. You have to click to position the thing as if you are drawing a box - click or enter two pairs of coordinates on your keyboard.

    The reason I'm checking on that bit is because you haven't mentioned the giant red cross you would get if the file had been successfully inserted before you saved and closed down but the link was broken when you reopened it. If its been properly inserted but the link is broken CC3 is aware that something it can't find should be right there on your map, so it substitutes a default red cross on a white background to show that there should be something there, but that it cannot be found.