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    I have CC3+ and the modern symbol set, but that symbol set seems largely geared towards creating maps of individual cities, whereas I'm looking at overland mapping. There's a modern political style, but I'm not sure about that one. Has anyone created modern overland symbol sets that could be imported into CC3+? By modern, I refer to something that would fit all or part of the 20th Century, though I also wouldn't be unhappy to find a 19th century overland symbol set.
    • CommentAuthorWyvern
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2019
    Might help to have a little more information as to what you're trying to map here. Modern mapping styles in general aren't pictorial, so anything that uses simple coloured polygons and basic geometric shapes should suffice, but your comment about SS3 suggests you ARE looking towards something more pictorial instead.

    Where pictorial symbols are used in modern maps, they're often to highlight historical sites or older/important buildings, thus some of the standard CC3+ symbol options - such as the Classical style buildings - might help. A more generic set offering options for the whole 20th century would be a very tall order, however, and even the 19th century depends very much in where you're trying to map. For instance, parts of 19th century western North America are quite well served by the Wild West Annual issue from March 2017. You may find a thorough investigation of all the Annual issues will turn up additional options, though as noted, it depends heavily on where, when and what you're trying to map.
    The Wild West Annual Issue actually is the type of thing I want. I may actually buy that. A Victorian version would be amazing, too. For 20th Century, what I want is things like various city icons that actually look like a 20th Century city, but I'm going to search through the Vintyri project. Recolorable NATO symbols would be amazing, too, actually.
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2019
    Some good modern icons in the following annual issues:
    Issue 93 - Modern journeys (annual 2014)
    Issues 132 Cthulhu City (annual 2017)