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    • CommentAuthorkevbeck43
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2019 edited
    I was doing a map in SS2 and noticed that I could change the bitmap fills from VL to H simply by going to the fill manager picking the tile and once in the folder double clicking on the appropriate tile. This made the map look right when it didn't with the VL fills. I tried to do the same thing in a map I was doing in SS4 and it did not work. The tile would not change and stayed at VL. I had to change the resolution from 20 to 40 to make it look somewhat good. Is there a reason why this worked in one map and not in the other? Map size perhaps?
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2019
    The bitmap resolution is chosen automatically according to zoom level of the map, so map size does have an effect on this. To always use a set fill resolution in a map you want to change the bitmap quality setting using the Change Speed Setting button. This has to be reset each time you open the map.