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    • CommentAuthorMytherus
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2019 edited
    Hi Everyone. I tried figuring this out on my own through trial and error playing with the tool but I couldn't.

    EDIT --

    I feel silly but within minutes of posting this I figured out the coast town issue. I'm not above hiding from my stupidity though so I wanted to tell everyone :).

    The Disappearing text label issue I still don't have figured out yet though (Question 2).


    Current issues I'm facing....

    1) Coastal towns. So I fire up city designer and that's all well and good but my town map needs to reflect its on the edge of a coast (I want to show docks are there as well). How do you do this when City Designer refuses to load the tool in the CC3 ("overland") menu suite? It just says "No matching tool found in this draw style". Which I get the base logic -- I created a *CITY* map.....but I need tools from the base CC3 set as well. Without a coast on the town map its going to look stupid to my players when on the overland map you can clearly see the town is siting on the coast. I know this is possible I've seen other people's CC3 city maps that have beautiful represented coasts and docks -- so I figure I'm missing something for sure.

    2) On overland maps .... Why do on every lake I create and then put a text label on it , the label then just disappears? Its like the label is on a layer that is under the lake and I don't know how to resolve it. Its unique to lakes, the labels stay fine on all other elements.

    Right now my latest overland map looks very good to me but my lake doesn't have a name because I can't get the label to stay visible on it.
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2019
    1) The reason you get this error is because even if you switch to the CC3 menus, you are still working on the CD3 toolset, and the CD3 styles doesn't have tools that correspond to the overland buttons. There shouldn't be a reason to switch to the overland styles though, CD3 styles do have water tools intended for any bodies of water you want, be it rivers, lakes or coastlines. Just click the all drawing tools button.

    2) Sounds like a sheet issue. Probably your template doesn't have the appropriate sheet for the lakes per-defined, so when you draw them a new sheet is added to the end of the drawing order, which will always be on top of everything. Simply move this sheet so it comes before the text sheet in the drawing order. Note that you can always use the List command on any entity to figure out what sheet it is on.
    • CommentAuthorMytherus
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2019
    Monsen -- thank you. What you said about #1 -- I just figured out moments after posting the original question to the forum.

    Thank you for the guidance on my second issue , I'll test that out now.