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    • CommentAuthorarioch
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2018
    Hello, I bought CC2 ages ago and never really used it (real life interfered with my DnD schedule). I'm once again looking to start a new world/campaign, so I installed all my old CC2-Pro stuff (CD2, DD2, Symbol Sets 1&2, FT). I've found good documentation (written) on how to use it online (in addition to all the original manuals), but most of the current topics/demos refer to CC3+. I've got ok upgrade prices, but can't afford to upgrade everything at once. I'm considering upgrading CC2 Pro to CC3+, but I can't afford CD, DD. the symbols sets, and FT at this time. I saw when reinstalling that there was CC3 support for most of my CC2 stuff (CD, DD, and the Symbol sets), but I have a couple of questions:

    1) Are the old CC2 add-ons supported by CC3+, or just CC3 (not sure what the difference between them is)?
    2) If they are supported, what would I gain by upgrading them to CC3 versions?

    Also, are there any [youtube] video walkthroughs for CC2? I couldn't find any, but I probably didn't look that hard.
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2018
    1) No, the old CC2 add-ons are mostly not compatible with CC3+, only CC3 (A few are compatible, such as dioramas and the source maps series, but most are not)

    2) The main difference between the old CC2 add-ons and the newer v3 stuff is the artwork included. CC2 only supported vector artwork, while CC3/CC3+ supports raster artwork, which the new versions of the add-ons takes advantage of and comes with lots of new artwork, allowing for far better looking maps than you could do with the CC2 versions of the upgrades (including the compatibility updates that lets the old CC2 stuff work with CC3)

    I don't know of any youtube videos for CC2, CC2 is kind of predating youtube and videos on the internet.