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    • CommentAuthoressjae
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2018
    I'm new to the ProFantasy suite, having just recently purchased one of the bundles in October.
    I'm trying to export my FT3 map into CC3+, but I'm running into scaling and data loss issues.
    First, my FT3 map loses a lot of detail in the import process, so much so, that solid land becomes islands in some cases. I'm using a full export with defaults and have it set to "fine"
    Second, and more importantly, I can't get the scale to match up. The work is 25K miles in FT3. Once imported into CC3+, the scale shows a fraction of that. Ex, 1200mi wide peninsula in FT3 is 50mi wide in CC3+. I don't really care about the scale setting, I've just unchecked that feature.
    However, when it comes to doing anything with the map in CC3+, like adding buildings, the buildings are massive. I've scaled down to 0.1 for buildings, but they're still huge.
    Is there a way to adjust the map, or do I need to make my buildings scaled down to 0.01 or smaller?

    I've also tried to export a zoomed in section of the map in FT3, but that seems to make the scale problem even worse.

    TIA for any help.
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2018
    Maps exported from FT3 should be the correct scale when imported into CC3+, except for the scalebar FT3 places in the map, that one is wrong, but any measurement with CC3+'s tools should show correct. Of course, since CC3+ operates on flat map, map projection issues may cause things to be somewhat off, but not by orders of magnitude.

    As for buildings, they are scaled for city maps, which are measured in feet. The maps exported by FT3 however, are overland maps, measured in miles. However, internally, CC3+ uses a unit of measurement called a map unit. What a map unit means depends on the map in question, but because a house is scaled in feet, a 30' long house is really 30 map units long, so used on an overland map where map units means miles, that means the same house will be 30 miles long on that map. To use symbols scaled for maps in feet on a map scaled in miles, you'll need to set the symbol scale to 0.000189394 for a correct result.

    As for the export settings, make sure the setting you changed was actually saved. Unfortunately, FT3 still stores the settings in the installation directory, so it can only save the export settings when running it as administrator (by right clicking the icon and run as admin, just being logged in as an admin is not enough). This might have caused you setting the detail level to fine to not been saved, and therefor not used either.
    • CommentAuthoressjae
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2018
    Thanks for the response. It does look like my maps are the same dimensions. I'm going to exclude that scale on the map.
    The building information helps a lot.