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    • CommentAuthorIronRaven
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2018
    I'm having some issues with the drawing tools on my new map. This map was input from Fractal Terrains, using the Full Export option. I'm using CC3+
    When I first started all the drawing tools work normally. However every time I end up with this problem where, when using any drawing tool, the first point is placed way outside the map border. This point can't be deleted, and I can't place a second point anywhere. If I use the Trace function I can force it to draw an outline but it will include that first point. This happens with Rivers, Contours, and Terrain drawing, but the Line and Path tools work fine. I'm not sure what causes this to happen, I've restarted this map several times and the problem keeps coming back.
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I'd even be happy knowing what causes it so hopefully I can avoid it.
    I've included a picture for clarity, the outside edge of the map border is actually between the Altitude and Temperature buttons, but its white so you can't see it.
      Screenshot (4).png
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2018 edited
    Looks like you unintentionally may have put extra entities on the MAP BORDER layer. Most drawing tools are configured to not draw outside the map border, and it uses the entities on the MAP BORDER LAYER to determine where that border is. Extra entities on that layer can confuse this feature. Try to hide all layers but MAP BORDER and check for rogue entities, especially down in that corner. Normally, the map border layer should only contain a single rectangle around your map, usually in the form of four separate lines forming said rectangle.
    • CommentAuthorIronRaven
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2018
    The buttons themselves were on the Map Border layer, moving them onto a different layer seems to have fixed the problem! Thank you very much for your help, now I can get back to work!