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    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2018 edited
    After installing the last update, I'm unable to get Export to large Map working. It was working fine before that.

    I have reinstalled annual 129, reinstalled ImageMagick (Both with CC+ closed and ran as admin), restarted my computer.
    ImageMagick box "Add application directory to your system path" Checked

    My Steps to export:

    Tools - Options
    1. Import/Export Options - BMP, JPEG, PNG
    a. Pixel Size: w-2400 h-2400 Res-96
    Have tried numerous Pixel Sizes including
    1200x1200, 600x600 at both 72/96 Res.
    b. Print Size: w-25.00 in. h-25.00 in.
    c. Options: Antialas - Low
    Crop image to aspect ratio [Checked]
    [Rest of Options left Unchecked]
    2. Selection Options - Select with right button context menu
    3. Interface Options: [Checked]
    a. Display tooltips
    b. Display Floating Prompt
    c. Display expanded text
    d. Links and Hotspots are active
    e. Repeat previous command on right button click
    f. Use middle mouse button for zooming
    4. Effects on load - Always on.
    5. Pick Cursor aperture: 4
    6. Editing Options - Not messed with.
    7. Drawing Options - Not messed with.
    8. Global Layer Settings - Not messed with.

    1. Tools - Marcos
    2. Script File - Selected /CC3Plus/Annual/Issue 129 - Large Exports/Tile5x5.scr

    Result: I get 25 png images in my CC3Plus/TileExport Folder,
    then program closes without weaving together the resulting images in a map.png file.
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2018
    Never mind.
    Reinstalled the Orig. CC3+ Program and then update 19 and finally the Annual with Large Exports.

    All works as it should.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2018
    Must have been something not quite right in one of the installations, then.

    If it was working until update 19, something must have gone wrong with that. I can sometimes forget to install as Administrator if I'm really tired. Some people have AV that may interfere with it as well.