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    I cannot find, to save my life, the @.ini file that csuac needs to determine correctly the file path to install the add on. The closest I found was JUST the "@" symbol.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    (This is for the Dunjinni pack mentioned in the free resources discussion on this forum.)
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2018 edited
    Have you told windows to NOT hide file extensions? If windows hides files extensions (which it does by default), then you may very well see the file as just "@". If it is a small file (@.ini is just a few bytes, but Windows will round it to 1KB int he dispaly), you can just open it up in notepad an check. @.ini only contains a single line, the path to your data directory.

    Instead of searching for @.ini, you can also find the data directory by typing OPENDOC @ and hit enter on the CC3+ command line, this will open an explorer window on the correct location.
    That could very well be it. I will attempt to do that.

    Question: I "installed" anyway into the wrong path, then I installed into, what I thought, was the "other" path. (I only saw two possibilities) and I never received the "shortcut" link, which stated it was used for an "uninstall".

    I feel at this point it would almost be easier to start from the beginning and uninstall EVERYTHING including CC3+, DD3, and CD3. Start from scratch, and give it another go ??
    Okay,.. I was able to look it up and it is F:\Brett Storage\Game Folder\Pro Fantasy Software\Profantasy\CC3Plus which is where I installed it in the first place and it never would display anything in the second "new" toolbar. Second toolbar remained empty even when I closed and reloaded the program.

    I don't wish to take up time here if this isn't the proper place to discuss a third party product so I have emailed as instructed in the installation pdf for the products install,..

    Thank you for your help.
    Incidentally, How do I type something into the command bar? I could never get my cursor to display there.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2018
    Just type it, it will appear there anyway
    Thanks,.. got the install in and the new buttons are showing and all the symbols are there,. For some reason, when I switch to a different set of symbols, everything disappears but the background? I am placing on the vegetation layer, and it is showing that it is above the background,.. hmm,.. need to poke around some more I suppose,. :)
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2018
    Do you mean layers or sheets?

    There are both in CC3, but if you want to really understand what's going on you need to forget anything you have learned about layers in other programs like PS or GIMP. In CC3 the sheets behave in a similar way to the layers of PS and GIMP, while the layers do things that don't really have an equivalent in those other programs.

    While both sheets and layers can control whether certain things are visible or not it is only the sheets that control the order in which everything is drawn.

    If you open the Sheets and Effects dialog there is another very important thing you must always remember, and that is that the sheets are listed in the order in which things are drawn, so that the BACKGROUND sheet must be at the top of the list right under the COMMON sheet, and things that are on top of the background should be listed beneath it in order of appearance, so that the sheet listed at the bottom of that list is the last thing to be drawn and will appear on top of everything else in the map.

    If you actually meant sheets when you said layers, it sounds to me like you may have re-ordered the sheets and made the assumption that they are listed from the top down. If this is what has happened, then the moment you do anything that causes a refresh of the whole screen (such as change symbol set) everything will redraw itself under the background.

    I hope that makes sense :)