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    • CommentAuthorMajor888
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2018
    Hello all.

    In the past, I just used Google map exports for my real world maps, but I'm hoping to do some fancier things this time.

    I read some old threads about importing real world data into CC, which is great but more than I really need - what I'm looking for is an outline of the Mediterrenean area that I can use in CC3+.

    Does this exist in any products that ProFantasy publishes or another location?
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2018 edited
    Issue 65 from Volume 6 of the Cartographer's annual contains ready to use exports of various coastlines, including the Mediterranean.
    • CommentAuthorMajor888
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2018
    And I already own that.

    No matter how I searched or Googled, I never found that.


    (Strangely, I bought this issue for the HW style, which I use a lot - never looked at some of the others).
    • CommentAuthorWriterSP
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2018
    Thanks for posting that!
    Major888, have you tried them? Are they good, detailed resolution?
    Before I put the money down, I want to make sure I'm not stuck with a blocky low-res version like they show on the webpage.
    Also, are you able to apply a different style, like Mike Schley's template over it?
    • CommentAuthorMajor888
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2018
    Sorry, been travelling. Yes, they are excellent - exactly what I needed.

    Thanks Monsen!