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    Looking for some input on a question.

    Trying to do maps similar in scope to Battletech's Planetary Maps. These are done in a style very similar to traveller world maps (and FT3 icosahedral export works beautifully).

    My issue is, I don't care of elevations below see level, and I can generate a world just fine with sea level+ elevations, but I want to tweak a world just a bit to maybe make a land mass a little smaller in places. And here is where I hit a snag. I can lower the elevation, but once it hits sea level I can't get it to stop, and I can end up with 'pits' below the sea level.

    I there no way to have the editing tool for lowering land mass stop at sea level?
    • CommentAuthorjslayton
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2018
    No, there isn't a way to have FT3's paint tools stop modifying terrain once the it hits a certain altitude. To stop showing terrain shading below sea level (which will hide the apparent pits), you can use the Map>>Lighting and Color property sheet's Altitude page and uncheck the "Shaded" button in the Sea group.
    Thanx...I'll try that. Should make the xport easier.