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    For some time now (I don't remember how long or through how many revisions), my map has been minimized, in the upper right corner of the viewing area,when I open it, even if I have maximized the view when it is saved. I used to have two views open and each one opened just fine, as it was when saved (this may have been CC3, or even CC2). Then it just started opening both views as just enough of the title bar to see the three buttons usually located in the top right corner. You cannot even press those buttons until you grab the ellipsis in the bottom right (which is overlayed on top of the "X" button) and enlarge the view. I saved the file with only one of the two views; but, it still has the same problem.

    What is causing this behavior?
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2018
    The view sets may be corrupted somehow. Try defining a new view set (View -> Window -> View Set)