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    So some how between CC3 and CC3+ I can no longer use the Default Room or Corridor drawing tool. It just tells me there is no matching drawing tool. The rest of the drawing tools work just fine. Currently set to DD3 Colour Tools. How can I add those in again? I have the latest update, I own the complete collection of ProFantasy Software except WWII atlas.
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2018
    Have you activated the SS4 menu instead of the DD3 one? Since SS4 doesn't contain the specialized tools that DD3 offers, the room and corridor buttons there activate regular drawing tools, while the DD3 menu activate the special room and corridor commands instead. Because DD3 has these commands instead, it doesn't contain a default room drawing tool, which is what the SS4 button looks for, and is why this error message pops up if you try to use the SS4 menus when you make maps using the DD3 styles.
    Monsen you are correct, Working normal now. Thank you