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    I recently bought CC3 because I want to create a map for a board game. I have very little experience with drawing software, so I have many questions. Unless I missed something, the manual and instruction videos don't cover everything.

    One of my problems is illustrated in the attached picture. I'm trying to draw deserts and steppes over a generic land background. As you can see, both the desert and the steppes fade into the grassland. But they don't fade into each other.

    Surely there must be an easy fix for this. Much obliged if you can teach me how to do it!
      No fade.png
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2018
    You need to have the terrains on different sheets. Effects like edge fade take effect on the combined outline of entities on a sheet, and not on each individual entity. While it might seem counter-intuitive while working with terrain, there are a lot of other situations where you really appreciate that behavior.
    Aahh! I didn't notice the possibility to uncheck "Insert on current sheet" before. So every time I drew some deserts or steppes, it automatically went towards the "Terrain" sheet. Thanks to your advice, I discovered that it is possible to draw on different sheets. This solves the problem for me. Thanks, Monsen!
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2018
    You can also move objects from one sheet to another after drawing them by right clicking the hourglass and picking "move to sheet" (be careful not to use copy to sheet by mistake, as that will duplicate the object and you will have one on each sheet - identical)
    And standard/common naming conventions for all these sheets would be "Terrain, Steppe", "Terrain, Grasslands", etc.That way drawing tools that automatically select the "Terrain" sheet will go to any active sheet that starts with "Terrain"...

    Same with symbols, walls, etc.