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    So I've noticed that depending upon what symbol style I have active, the Distance command gives different types of results. If DD3 is active, then the command gives a straight line distance. If SS4 is active, you get a more detailed results window, that has an X & Y distance.

    I like the SS4 style symbol, is their a way to always get this type of measurement? Or a way to get this type of result when I have DD3 active?
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2018
    Does it really? Now that WOULD be handy.

    Yes please!
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2018
    The default command is DIST, while the command used by SS4 is DIST2. You can either just type the command you want on the command line, or you can edit your menus to always use the desired command.
    Thanks Monsen :)

    Did you just know that or was there some way us mere mortals could have figured that out?
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2018 edited
    Well, I did know it, but the easiest way to figure it out is to just look at the command line after running the command, as the prompt for a new command will always contain the last command called in square brackets (Indicating that an empty command will repeat this)

    Or you could just look at the menu files and see what commands the button/menu item is set up to call.
    I forgot about the command line prompt. Thanks, that one is one that's easy and I should have picked up on.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2018
    Thank you, Remy :)

    And thank you too, LE - I wouldn't have gone digging around the menu files for no good reason while I'm fairly busy right now, and wouldn't have known about this unless you had mentioned it :)