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    • CommentAuthorsotik
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2018 edited
    Hey guys I am looking for a tool that will let me upload a hand drawn map, and then cut it up into smaller chunks so I can make adventure maps with CC3.

    To give you an idea of what I am looking for I have drawn a map of an entire continent that I plan on being to scale with Asia, so a pretty massive place all together. However, I can't use this map as an adventure map due to how far "zoomed out" it is. So I was looking for something where I can upload the map into, and it will cut it up into smaller pieces so I can make adventure maps. Something akin to the feature that Fractal Terrains has where you can generate a world, then have the program cut it up and export it into CC3 files.

    Edit: Also if there are no such tools, even if people just know of a technique they've used, or have seen other people use to turn large continent maps into smaller adventure maps that would help as well. I just need some ideas on how I can go about to "zooming in" on a hand drawn map.
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2018
    I would probably just chop it up in an image editor. This gives you the option of dividing it along reasonable borders, I've always hated the artificial result you get when you try to simply chop things into identical pieces instead of dividing it by natural regions. I would probably go for a small overlap between sections too.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2018
    Hi Sotik :)

    You could quite easily do what Monsen suggests in GIMP, which is free :)
    • CommentAuthortaustinoc
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2018
    There are several web sites that will do this online without having to install any software.

    This one looks pretty simple:
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2018
    Here is my method, large map to smaller area. It is written for CC2; however, it works with CC2/CC3/CC3Plus. Seven easy to follow pages.

    large to small