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    • CommentAuthorShareenx
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2018 edited
    Hi there,

    Before I send an email to Profantasy, I was wondering if anyone had seen something like this.
    I created a heavily customized world map in FT3 and did several "save to Campaign Cartographer File"- various flavors of export, but the Full Monty shows all the issues at once.

    The map files are much too big to attach, even zipped ultra, but here is a sample of what I am seeing
    (Note the upper left corner).
    I cannot choose that polygon, if I zoom way in, it disappears, if I zoom just a little, the polygon points don't stay the same they shift to the right significantly.
    I've tried messing with the climates, landmass, etc in FT3 and all it seems to do is change the shape of the weird artifact polygon.

    For me, the weird artifacting happens only in Climates and Temperature.
    Rainfall and Altitude are fine.

    Here's a link to full sized snapshots of CC3+ and FT3 Map snapshots

    Win 10
    FT3 v 3.0.21
    CC3+ v 3.84 (the 17a upgrade is applied)