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    • CommentAuthorUKgnome
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2018 edited
    I am intending to create a Giants Castle but doing it 'full size' by having a huge background and trying to design 500 x 500 ft rooms means the background I am drawing on is too big and I can't get my head around drawing huge long walls that continue on past the edge of the monitor

    Is the way to go, to draw the structure of the Castle level as normal and then SCALE it all up by a factor of 3, as a human occupies a 5ft square and my giants occupy 15x15ft squares so a 10ft corridor to a human is a 30ft corridor to a giant, and then put a 5ft grid over the final plan.

    All dungeon dressing, chairs etc will be added later

    Thanks in advance for your contemplations.
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2018
    Always draw it in the correct scale, don't attempt to use weird solutions. If you need a 500 by 500 foot room, draw it as a 500 by 500 foot room from the beginning. That way, all tools will work as intended. There is no benefit whatsoever not to use the correct scale, anything else is just begging for giving yourself extra work later.

    You may wish to have a look at my recent blog article regarding scale.