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    Wanted to see if anyone had any ideas if I can some how improve performance on this map or if its just that this map is getting large.

    The biggest problem is with Effects On, usually CC3+ will run for greater than 30+ minutes without resolving the screen (it stays on a green background). I can get it to stop this usually after a minute or so of turning on effects by right clicking on the Sheets icon and re-selecting Effects On. Then it still usually redraws for a few minutes and then resolves. But, sometime this doesn't work either and I might have to wait 10+ minutes. Sometimes this even happens with Effects Off and having just done a zoom.

    When this happens, all 8 CPU threads run at 75-100% capacity.

    Restarting the computer seems to help, but I'm hoping their might be a way to isolate a few entities or symbols or techniques I'm using that might contribute to this poor performance.

    Map specifics:
    Process size runs from 1.5 - 2.25GB of RAM.
    Count yields:
    12823 entities for 1552.43k of memory
    1207 2D Line entities
    3313 2D Path entities
    2376 2D Polygon entities
    5333 Symbol Reference entities

    REDRAWTIME yields Total redraw time: 15916.969848 ms (file attached)

    Computer specifics:
    DELL Precision M3800
    i7-4712HQ @2.30GHz
    16 GB RAM (I'm only utilizing about 3.7GB total)
    Win 7 Pro x64 SP1
    NVIDIA Quadro K1100M

    I'm wondering if their are any suggestions for graphics driver settings, or mapping techniques or removing corrupt entities (if their are any), or ... that I might be able to do to prevent these issues.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2018
    I used to have a few problems like that towards the end of drawing Merelan City - a map I can't actually open these days now that my system has been crippled by the Win 10 Creator's Update and the new processor security upgrades.

    However, I happened by accident upon a really weird and unconventional way of reducing this green screen time by opening my browser over the top of the flickering green screen and simply watching it in thumbnail by hovering over the CC3+ icon in the start bar. It seems to resolve itself a lot faster if its not actually visible but still open in a full window underneath something else.

    As soon as I see the map appear in the thumbnail, and not the green screen, pull the cursor away and minimise the browser.

    This is not a long term solution, however - just an immediate emergency relief for the situation.

    You might also be suffering from the same problem as I was the other day, even though you have a much more powerful machine than mine. Remy pointed out that CC3+ needs contiguous memory. When I shut all my apps down and then opened CC3+ on its own the performance was infinitely better - even though I only have 1.5 GB usable RAM (I did say my machine was crippled ;) )
    Yea, this happens even when I don't run other things. It seems to get worse the longer I run CC3+. That said, I so usually run Fantasy Grounds (because that's where I have room descriptions that I'm working on making the map match, or am putting room descriptions in from the map as I make it) and Chrome at the same time.

    I will try your trick, thanks :)

    Note, I have noticed that the first redraws work really well on a clean reboot. But even after doing nothing else but trying the redrawtime command, even though the results are similar, the perceived time, the green screen time, does seem to be longer. Though I have not yet used an independent timer so it might be impatience.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2018
    Maybe. We all only have so much patience :P

    Any other app you are running will naturally break up the contiguous memory thing because of the way the OS portions it out between apps. Win 10 is a particularly bad nightmare in this respect.
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2018
    Can you send me your latest copy of this map. I want to see if I can reproduce this, and perhaps pass some diagnostic data on to Joe.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2018
    Footnote here:

    When I have Sanctuary city open it takes 20MB RAM when idling. That's all it takes even though its 15000 map units square, and I've already drawn a load of stuff on it and populated about 1/5 of the walled part of the city with shaded poly buildings, bits of grass and all kinds of trees and bushes. The rest of the missing RAM (60% of my total RAM) is taken up by Windows 10. There are 5 pages of process threads listed as running, even when I'm not doing a thing. Only ONE of those is FastCAD.

    I think the problem may be lack of contiguous memory - it being broken up into literally hundreds of threads just to maintain Win 10 from moment to moment in an idle state, but I might be wrong.
    Thanks Monsen, really appreciate it. Sent you an email.

    If anyone knows best practices, I would be thrilled and would help to test and document them.
    I am having similar issues.
    I am making a large city map i think the issue is using too many symbols.
    I have separated my map into different sheets in order to edit it so most of the symbols dont show on map.
    But when I want to save it and show all the sheets, I am stuck on an unresponsive green screen

    Also using windows 10
    Anyone found a workaround?
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2018
    On my cell phone so linking is rather difficult.

    For Dtillan. Orsti. on my site I used a large drawing with blocks of color for poor, military, rich etc Then I drew various hexagon maps that can be used as geography for city bits.
    Chris, does this work for you? " I can get it to stop this usually after a minute or so of turning on effects by right clicking on the Sheets icon and re-selecting Effects On. "