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    • CommentAuthordjcohen66
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2018
    I am building my first dungeon map and I chose the SSA2 style for realism. This creates more of a Battlemap which is fine. I want to make a battle map to display on a monitor or overhead projection. However it is very difficult to see the grid dots with the grassy floor i have selected showing (the first level is a ruined keep). I want to scale the walls and objects to match my pen and paper version. I was wondering if there are commands to create a structure or room to specific dimensions (x by y) using a selected wall and floor.

    I believe this should be the case because DD has a default room and default corridor button, but I keep loading custom symbols and losing whatever those defaults are. Right now when I try to use them, I get a message stating there is no matching draw tool selected.

    So I guess another question is how to set, or reset the draw tool for the default buttons on the left, and additionally, even when they are set, how to create my own presets for them.
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2018
    The buttons to the right load the various tools in the currently set style. If you get a message about no matching drawing tools, it is often because you are in the wrong add-on menu (i.e. the dungeon styles doesn't contain any tools that matches the filters used by the overland mapping buttons), or if the map style have changed somehow (rarer, to fix this, go to File -> Drawing Properties and set the style back to the correct value for that map)

    To create your own "Presets", you need to create your own set of drawing tools, and then set the map style to this set, and the buttons will load these instead of your own. You can also add additional tools into the existing styles if you want.

    The grid dots are only a mapping aid, not intended for display purposes, I recommend making an actual grid in the map if you want visibility, but you can also right click the grid button in the lower left and change the style of these dots.

    To draw to specific dimensions, you can type in coordinates on the command line instead of placing nodes manually. You can also use coordinates relative to the previous placed point by prefixing the coordinates with @, for example @20,30 will place a point 20 map units to the right and 30 map units above the previous points. As long as you are working in "fixed" distances, like 5' increments often used for battle maps, I recommend simply set a snap grid instead and enabling cursor snap, also available from right clicking the grid button in the lower right.