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    I haven't really messed with sheets and layers, and I'm a little confused as to why I keep running into this problem. This mountain, along with a few others, stay in the background despite using the "send to front" and "bring in front of" functions. What exactly is going on here? lol
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2018
    If the Send to Front/Back function isn't working on it then I'm going to guess that the symbol is on a different sheet than the others. That's usually what I find when I have that happen with symbols.
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2018
    Seems to be a slight bug with the settings for that great peak symbol. It doesn't have the force sheet setting set, which means it will be placed on the current sheet, while all the other symbols go to the SYMBOLS sheet as intended. And as ScottA said, Send to Front/Back only works within the current sheet. Use change properties on it, and move it to the SYMBOLS sheet, after doing that, you can move it in relation to the others with Send to front and friends.
    Thanks! You're right it was on a different sheet for some reason. I switched it to SYMBOLS and it's working now.