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    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2018
    I thought it might be fun to do a subterranean world for the Community Atlas, so here it is, The Darklands. Hope people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together... It just went "live" in the Atlas.
      The Darklands.JPG
    • CommentAuthorWyvern
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2018
    Fascinating stuff, Scott!

    Are you planning some access-point surface maps too?
    • CommentAuthorLorelei
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2018 edited
    NIce work.....wondering the same.....where IS this and how do we get there :)

    EDIT: Oh sweet! I just checked the Community Atlas sticky post and see you've placed it under my island of Malajuri. Great!! Thanks for another great contribution!
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2018
    I didn't include specific access points but explain in the little description that it is accessible through steep tunnels, deep fissures and abandoned wells. I figured people who wished to use it could put it and start out where they wanted. So theoretically a group of adventurers could get to The Darklands from anywhere on Malajuri if their GM so chooses. Maybe a cave, maybe the well of some long-forgotten estate, maybe some dark crevice in the ground... I like to keep some things vague enough so that they can be easily placed into on-going adventures. That also gives other mappers plenty of opportunities to make access points on their maps if they want to.

    Yes, Lorelei, Malajuri just seemed "right." I may do additional pieces of The Darklands beneath other continents if people enjoy it and want me to do more... I also have a little drow fungus plantation map I did for a Guild challenge that I might give to the Atlas. I just have to change some things as I used some non-CC3+ fills on that one and we don't want any red Xs!
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2018
    Great work, Scott :)

    The bottomless sea is almost asking for an underwater 'level -2'?

    Must have taken you quite a while to create it all. Wonderful imagination :)
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2018
    Thanks, Sue. Yes, the naming is one of my favorite parts, although it can also be the most frustrating!
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2018

    This map will become part of my high level campaign.

    Thanks for another great map!
    • CommentAuthorScottA
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2018
    Fun! And thanks so much!

    Say, I just noticed that the numbers went missing from the scale bar! Each section is 50 miles for a total of 200 at the end of the scale bar...