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    Coming back after not using the software for a long time I recently bought the upgrade to CC3+ latest. My version was pretty old and I do not have it installed on any of my current machines. Do I need to download and install CC3, CC3+ and the fractal terrains thing before running the upgrade file? The update file looks pretty small, so I am guessing it just updates the core product. Are there any recommendations for doing an upgrade like this?
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2018
    Unless you plan to use it as a separate product, there is no need to install CC3. You'll need to download the full installers for CC3+ and FT and install them before installing the latest updates (I don't remember if the latest FT installer is fully up to date or not, but the current full CC3+ installer is 3.80 and needs update 15 to bring it up to 3.81)
    CC3 and CC3+ are completely separate. Their are only one or two products that have not yet been updated to CC3+ (dioramas and WWII ???) so unless you are using those, no point in installing CC3.

    The FAQ has details on the installation order, plus you can search the forums for installation order to get some more details etc