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    • CommentAuthormasterT
    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2018
    Recently my computer auto-upgraded itself, and when I logged back in and tried to restart CC3+ nothing came up. No processes showed up in the TaskManager. I did have CC3+ open at the time my computer auto-upgraded, which I suspect may have triggered this issue.

    I poked around in the ProgramData\ProFantasy\CC3Plus directory, and noticed that the CC3PlusCfg.xml was not well-formed XML. The last two lines of the file were repeated (closing tags). I removed the redundant lines, and CC3+ started up with no issues. I figured I would share this information in case it helps others.
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2018
    The newest patches from MS are apparently messing up code in non-MS software, and in some cases deleting it.