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    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2018
    I just was in the middle of a mapmaking .. trying to change the floor structur. I wnated to use a CSUAC_2 Tile and than CC3 crashed. And now i can´t start the programm. I restarted the computer same i always get the window:
    fcw32.exe no longer works. any ideas what to do?
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2018
    ARghhh the second.
    So i located the problem a little bit more its about the map I was working on - The Dark Alley - one.
    I luckyly could open the Autosave file, so I lost not that much. I Saved the File as Dark Alley II.
    Next, I open the file: Dark Alley. Same error, the program interferes with fcw32.exe is no longer working.
    When I try to open CC3 after the crash, the same thing happens, I suspect CC3 is trying to access the last used file.
    If I open the "Dark Alley II" file and close the program and then open CC3 again there is no problem.
    What has destroyed my original file? lucky i opend the autosavefile and not any oterh ;-)
    so the damage dies within limits
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2018
    It is difficult to say exactly what happened, but you are correct in your assumptions. Something corrupted the original file, and CC3+ does indeed open the last file on every start, so on a corrupted file, that might lead CC3+ to crash immediately on start like this.

    The file might be recoverable (depends on what has happened to it) but considering you already found the autosave file, and autosaves happen every 5th minute, unless you changed it, I guess you are ok?
    (I don't know if you have done it, but if you want, you can turn off the annoying autosave prompt, but still keep the autosave on by right clicking the save button and selecting autosave)