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    I'm trying to make a set of number labels starting from 0101 and continuing in that fashion, i.e. 0101, 0102, 0103, etc, and then next row of hex I want to label 0201, 0201, etc, but after the first number, it always drops the leading 0.

    Is there a way to force the number label to continue with the 0?
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2018
    I can only get 3 digits in the popup. This is in either hex and in square.

    I can type in 010, and get 10 on the map. On the map, I get 4 digits.

    When I put in just 01 for both. I get 4 digits of 1010 lower left corner, next to the right i get 0201, etc. as it goes over by columns. Going uip the map, it counts up by 1 until it gets to 0109 and then changes to 0110.

    So it looks like to me that the 4th digit is for incrementing, and it will drop the leading zero.

    This was on a 800 x 600 mile overland map, with the numbers and grid at 20.0, and 50.0.
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2018
    I don't think you can do this with number labels.
    The built-in grid numbering which you can apply when you make the grid will use leading zeroes in this fashion however, but that doesn't realy give you any control over placement or anything if that is important.
    Yeah, I know the Built In Grid, will allow...but aside from typing 0101, 0102, 0103, and then 0201, 0202, 0203, and then again on the 3's, 4's and 5's, my only other option, which works, is to use a Capital 'O' in place of a 0. It works...but deep down I feel shame for it not being a 0.