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    So two things,

    First, Profantasy REALLY needs to update their tutorial videos. The only videos show how to do things in the one type of format. The one that I'm using is not the same and thus does not have the same options and doesn't work the same way. Either make more movies or get an ACTUAL tutorial, for the price we pay for this program it shouldn't be this much trial and error and it shouldn't be this janky.

    Second, I am trying to add lakes to the map I am currently making. I have to select the "SEA" option as there isn't one for lakes. I add the lake I want, right click and it's there and good. Then I add more. Also good. But then if I move the map (up, down, left, right, diagonal, etc.) or zoom in or out all the lakes vanish. I return to the location I just was and still no lakes.

    I have tried closing the program and reopening it and that actually removed the Blur I had on my land features. I updated the program and tried again and it had the same issues. What's going on? I need to get the lakes done so I can add forests, towns, and roads and then it will be done and it needs to be done by Saturday for a game session.

    what's going on and how do I fix it?
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2018 edited
    When you use the Sea tool to make a lake, it means that the entity will end up on the SEA sheet. For performance reasons (because redrawing the screen takes time), new entities you draw are always placed on top until the next screen redraw after which the entities are drawn according to their proper sheet order. To get it to show where you want it, just move the newly drawn entity to the RIVERS sheet, as entities there will appear above the landmass.

    If you use the CC3 Mike Schley Overland or the CC3 Standard overland style, both of those contains a dedicated lake drawing tool though, which already operates on the correct sheet. Most other styles does as well.
    Thank you Monsen. I will give that a try. Do you know I can move the lake to the RIVERS sheet? Everytime I click on the sea to draw the sea it automatically goes to the SEA sheet. When I draw it is there a way to move that drawing to another sheet?
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2018
    When you use a drawing tool, it will always draw to the sheet specified in that sheet by default. You need to use change properties on the entity after drawing it.

    You can disable the behavior of using the configured sheet by clicking the all drawing tools button, and checking the 'Insert on Current Sheet' checkbox. I don't normally recommend doing this, as having the drawing tool select the sheet automatically is a huge advantage, but sometimes it is ok to turn this on temporarily, just make sure to turn it off again. As long as this option is on, it is vital that you remember to switch to the appropriate sheet before using any tool, otherwise you will easily end up with entities all over the place.
    • CommentAuthorJosh.P.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2018
    Try some YouTube videos.

    Here are mine:

    Tony Crafword is another great watch:

    I learnt from this video originally: