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    So I like the webs from CSUAC, but I'm using a natural sand background (SS4) and they just don't show up since they are white (and transparent?). I've been playing around with effects to see if I could get some sort of glow or drop shadow or something, but nothing I've tried seems to make any impacts (I've verified I'm adding effects to the correct sheet).

    Any suggestions for effects that might work? (the webs are from the folder BL4_FM8 Animal\Arachnid). Or am I going to have to make dark grey colored webs or similar?

    If it helps, here's an image with an example;
      Screen Shot 02-12-18 at 03.26 PM 001.PNG
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2018
    They are a bit tricky to work with because of the thin lines. I only tried a couple of them, but I had reasonable results with using an Outer Glow effect. What you need to watch out for here is that the effect will look very poor as you zoom out (because the thin lines will disappear in the bitmap the effects system uses to calculate the placement of the effect), but it looks better as you zoom in. It is worth noting that when you export at high resolution, that will be similar to zooming in (level depends on the resolution of the export). But you may wish to simply edit the webs in an image editor and make darker versions instead, as this will be a more consistent result.
    Thanks, if I was any good with image editing I would go that route. I'll try some more effects and report back any success.
    I moves the web sheet above the wall sheet and it helps a little. Guess I'm going to see what I can do in Gimp *g*
    I found that the webs I was using ("web surf a", "b," etc don't work well. Guess they are too thin. The "web kpl-a" & "-b" work very well with an outer glow. Of course, they are are nicely done as the others...
    Went with the "web kpl-b" with an outer glow, 25%, 2, 2, map units and satisfied with this for now.
      Screen Shot 02-12-18 at 06.12 PM.PNG