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    Is there a way to make grids not overlay entities? In one map I am working on I have tried to select the grid and send it to the back and this hasn't worked. I have also tried moving it up and down the sheets menu, and this hasn't worked either. I also keep accidently selecting the grid and moving it when I select other objects. I have taken to hiding the grid when I've tried to select but would love a way to just have the grid sit there and not change while working on other elements of the map.

    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2018
    You can change this by changing the SHEET order. First, use Info -> List on the grid to make sure it is indeed on the GRID sheet so you know you are moving the correct sheet. Then move the sheet higher up in the sheet list, so it appears ABOVE the entities you wish it to appear behind.
    The grid can also be frozen by freezing the LAYER it is located on (Done from the layers dialog). The grid is usually on the HEX/SQUARE GRID layer.
    Wow thanks for the prompt reply. That was super helpful. How do I get to the layers dialog?
    Click on the layers box on the top of your screen. Where is says something like "L: CONSTRUCTION"
    I did it!!! So helpful! Thanks!!!
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2018
    You're Welcome. Happy mapping.